Ethical Guidelines Konstfack
A5 Booklet

This booklet is created as a tool for teachers at Konstfack College of Arts, Crafts and Design to use when dealing with difficult ethical questions. The booklet is a result of an ongoing discussion between Johanna Lewengard, Loulou Cherinet, Karim Jebari, Tove Kjellmark, Göran Kling and Katji Lindberg.

The document is designed for Konstfack to easily print inhouse on 115 g. A4 paper, folded into a 28 pages booklet with metal staples. 

We worked with contrasting colors and used less to highly pixilated white elements as a metaphor of areas to zoom into and discuss. It creates images of map-like elements, to navigate through, questioning and discuss together.

The still frames from the film Naked by Tove Kjellmark function as a narrative through the booklet with the panda bear as the subject to discuss.

Made in collaboration with Benedetta Crippa