In Contrast 2014

Identity, Catalogue, Website and Exhibition Design

Overall concept for Beckmans Product Design students at the Stockholm Furniture Fair 2014. Including films, catalogue, website, invitations, music, business cards, art direction of photography and exhibition design.

The background for the project has its roots in the eastern philosophy of Yin and Yang, a term used to describe how seemingly opposite or contrary forces are interconnected and interdependent, such as light and dark, life and death, logical and illogical, past and present. Dichotomies and dualities that are in contrast rather than in conflict.

Every piece had its own sound made by either Tobias Lund, Fjäder, Optic Nest or Noak Garberg. The sound was created from a word each student used to describe their piece. The sound is activated by either clicking or scrolling over the project.
In collaboration with Johanna Burai, Tobias Ohlström, Stephanie Abdallah & Oskar Pernefeldt

Exhibition was at Stockholm Furniture Fair
4 – 8 February 2014

Photography by Patrik Thalén

Catalogue and business cards

The exhibition spot at Stockholmsmässen
Gym bag with logo and dates