Selected Work

MA Fashion Graduates 2019 Show
Art Direction, Graphic Design•2019
Lookbook spreads, FASHION FROM TOP LEFT Cecilie Engberg, Amanda Johanne Linde, Hannah Sarkez Möglich and Emil Bang Hoffmann, PHOTOGRAPHY Niklas Adrian Vindelev, HAIR/MAKE Magdalena Haugland and Hannah June, MODELS Amalie Rose, Sofie Tusnelda and Lars Georg Enge Sæterøy

Overall identity for the MA Fashion Graduates 2019 at The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts (KADK), held at Museum of Copenhagen the 6th of August, including lookbook, digital and printed invites and poster.
        We worked with a class of sixteen students with each their own expression and design. For the lookbook, we wanted to create a profile allowing each student spread to be visually playful in their own way. We used parts of the photos from the lookbook on the poster for the event to add tactility and individuality.•  

                  In collaboration with Christian Kirch Knudsen, photography by Niklas Adrian Vindelev

Standing lookbook spreads, FASHION BY Eva Valdimarsdóttir, Morten Ishøj

Poster, size A1

We Have Never Been Modern
Graphic Design•2019

In 1957, the Soviet Union put humanity's first artificial satellite, Sputnik 1, into orbit around the Earth. As an effect, a large number of companies began publishing advertisement, which referred to space. Afrang Nordlöf Malekians work is built on these commercial ads.∙

Rave Review
Graphic Design•2019

Digital invitation for Rave Review SS20, a upcycling clothing line, based in Stockholm, founded by Josephine Bergqvist and Livia Schück.•

Recess 10th Anniversary
Graphic Design•Proposal only•2018

Recess is a public gallery and artist workspace. Since 2009, the gallery has produced more than hundred programs and exhibitions many of which deals with critical themes. This is a proposal only and an assignment during Typography Summer School in New York.
  Inspired by the distribution and boldness by which social movements have expressed themselves historically, I created a design for Recess Gallery to use for there 10th Anniversary. Using colours to separate the four themes and high-lighting core words within the text, makes the subjects hard to overlook.•

Texts might have undergone some editing. For full texts, go to Recess Gallery’s website

Beatrice Eli, Showgirl
Graphic Design•2018

For Beatrice Eli’s show at The Royal Dramatic Theatre/Dramaten in Stockholm, we created a profile with inspiration from vintage showgirl cards.⋆

        In collaboration with Alexander Söder

Live album cover and instaflyer for the after party at Nosh & Chow

Rave Review

Graphic Design•2019

Digital invitation for Rave Review AW19 show during Fashion Week in Stockholm.•

Sensory Futures

Sensory Futures–The Work to End All Labor, is an artistic platform and a series of seminars including gatherings, performances and workshops organized by curator Marianna Feher.• 

Beckmans Fashion Collaboration
Art Direction, Graphic Design & Set Design•2015

FASHION FROM TOP LEFT Patrik Guggenberger, Marika Ekblad, Caroline Brendov, Hanna Björklund Olsson, Hanna Poulsson, Johanna Dellenbrandt and Sanna Vogel PHOTOGRAPHY Ninja Hanna

The third year fashion students were invited to create personal collections based on leading brands on the Swedish fashion scene—Carin Wester, Cheap Monday, House of Dagmar, Filippa K, Our Legacy, Whyred and Örjan Andersson—and show their work at Stockholm Fashion Week.•

Fine Art Spring
Graphic Design•2016

Catalogue containing projects of MA and BA graduates from the Fine Art program at Konstfack. Each student had a spread to organise themselves within the framework we created.•

In collaboration with Sigríður Hulda Sigurðardóttir

In Contrast
Art Direction, Graphic Design & Set Design•2014

Overall concept for Beckmans Product Design students at the Stockholm Furniture Fair 2014. Including films, catalogue, website, invitations, music, business cards, art direction of photography and exhibition design. 
    The background for the project has its roots in the eastern philosophy of Yin and Yang, a term used to describe how seemingly opposite or contrary forces are interconnected and interdependent, such as light and dark, life and death, logical and illogical, past and present. Dichotomies and dualities that are in contrast rather than in conflict.•

FROM TOP LEFT Tove Greitz CORPUS CALLOSUM, Minna Magnusson THE DESK, Gabriel Stuart ALMEGA, Camilla Frick Isberg MERIDIAN and Sofie Holt HEY. PHOTOGRAPHY PATRIK THALÉN